Navratan Ayurvedic Hair Oil 300ml

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Himani Navratna oil is a therapeutic oil prepared from nine ayurvedic herbs.

The fine blend of its 9 ingredients makes it all beneficial to hairs and helps in reducing headaches, stress and hair related problems.

Bhringraj -  Cools the scalp and helps in reducing headaches.

Mint Flowers -  cools the scalp and helps in reducing headaches.

Kachur - helps in controlling dandruffs and also controls hair related problems.

Brahmi - Cooling agent

Ashvagandha - Helps to maintain good scalp

Amla - strengthen hair roots and reduces hair loss and dandruff.

Chareela - Helps in reducing stress.

Japa Pushpa – that promotes hair growth

Latakasturi -  A flower  keeps the head and scalp cool.