Information on Perishable Products

  • Fresh Vegetables are a direct source of all nutrients. One must include fresh veggies in daily meals!

    Few Points on Fresh and Perishable Products' Dispatch

    • Fresh Vegetables (except Ginger and Garlic) and fruits can be dispatch either on Mondays or on Tuesdays.
    • Fresh Paneer, Sweets, Mangoes or Fruits and frozen items - All these items are needed to be kept in cool conditions. Therefore, delivery of these items will be taken into account from Mondays to Thursdays as Delivery Companies do not deliver on weekends and the dispatch of Fridays might have to wait for 2 more days on the journey. Due to this reason, we restrict the dispatch of perishable products on Fridays and hence dispatch on Mondays or on Tuesdays.
    • Our efforts are always to provide you the vegetables as fresh as possible. Therefore, for long distance delivery (especially out of Berlin) preventive measures might be used to keep the freshness intact.
    • Perishable Products are non refundable and non returnable. 
    • As soon as the Order get delivered, it is advisable to check the quality of fruits ,vegetables,sweets and frozen items. In case, received as visibly rotten; send us a picture of product packed with our packing wrap and the karton immediately at or at whats app - 017637200204. The time is irrespective weather the delivery received late or early. Information has to be shared soon after the receival of delivery. 
    • Decision can be made after receival of timely information only.
    • In case of delay in courier delivery services (due to any circumstantial incidents) for more than 2 days, perishable items tend to lose their quality naturally. This does not complies to any refund, return or replacement of products. 

    **Ginger & Garlic can be order anytime of the week.