Crown Frozen Seekh Kebabs Chicken 15pcs (Deliver in Berlin)

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Crown Frozen Chicken Seekh Kababs  

Let your cravings for Chicken Seekh kebab - Charcoal end!!

 One Pack contains 15 pieces of Chicken Kebabs

 Pack contains 15 pieces. Wt. 900gm approx.

Ingredients : Chicken (Halal)

How to cook: 

  • Remove the Kebabs from packaging and place them in a Microwave. Cook high power for 2-3 minute. 
  • Turnover the Kababs and cook again from back on high power for 2-3 min.
  • Allow to stand for 1 min and Serve Hot. Ensure the product is cooked before eating.

Cooking on Gas stove or in Oven is also an option. 

Storage Instructions : Keep it in Freezer (-18 degress) or upto 24hours inRefrigerator.

Do Not Refeeze after defrosting.