Annam Ponni Boiled Rice 5kg

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Annam Ponni boiled Rice 

Annam Ponni boiled rice is long grained, aromatic and packed with vitamins and minerals. The 5kg bag is sure to satisfy the needs of large families and is an ideal staple for nutritious and delicious meals. Each grain is easily cooked and full of flavor. Enjoy Annam Ponni boiled rice and its many health benefits today!

Nutrition Information / Nährwerte (3 cups / 45gm) 

  •   Energy / Energie                             160 kcal 
  •  Protein / Eiweiß                               3g
  •  Carbohydrate / Kohlenhydrate      36g
  • - Sugar / Zucker                                 0 g
  • Total Fat / Gesamt Fett                    0g
  •  -Saturated Fat / Gesättigtes Fett       0g
  •   -Trans Fat / Transfett                           0g  
  •   Sodium / Natrium                             0mg
  •   Salz                                                   0g 

Zutaten:  Rice

Origin: Annam's Tamil Food 

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