Ching's Just Soak Veg Chowmein 140gm

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Instant Chings Just Soak Chowmein

  • Quickest noodle ever!

Regular Chowmein often become soggy and mushy when cooked at home. But with new Ching's Just Soak Veg Hakka Noodles you get al-dente, non sticky noodles everytime. These high quality noodles are semi cooked need to be JUST SOAKED and drained.

    Wt. 140gm

    Nutrition Information / Nährwerte (pro 100 g) Ca

    •   Energy / Energie                              371 kcal
    •  Protein / Eiweiß                                11g
    •  Carbohydrate / Kohlenhydrate        80.5g
    • - Sugar / Zucker                                   0g
    • Total Fat / Gesamt Fett                      0.5g
    •  -Saturated Fat / Gesättigtes Fett       0.1g
    •   -Trans Fat / Transfett                             
    •   Sodium / Natrium                            553mg
    •   Salz                                                -


     Raffiniertes Weizenmehl (Maida 60%), Weizengluten, Salz, Backtriebmittel (E500(%), E5000). Säureregulator (E451(i)), Emulgator u Stabilisierungsmittel (E471), Säureregulator (E501(1)), Verdickungsmittel (E412).

    Product of India / Produkt aus Indien.