Annam Rice Flour (unroasted) 1.5Kg

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Annam Rice Flour unroasted 

Rice or Riz or Riso or Reis or chawal ka atta 

Annam's White Rice Flour is ideal for creating light and fluffy dishes. Its high nutritional value makes it a great choice for health-conscious chefs. Gluten-free and vegan-friendly, this flour is sure to become an essential pantry staple. 1kg bags provide a convenient and economical way to stock up.

Nutrition Information / Nährwerte (pro 100gm) ca. 352kcal

  •   Energy / Energie                              1493KJ
  •  Protein / Eiweiß                                15g
  • dietry Fibre                                         0g
  •  Carbohydrate / Kohlenhydrate        65.8g
  • - Sugar / Zucker                                   4.2g
  • Total Fat / Gesamt Fett                      3.2g
  •  -Saturated Fat / Gesättigtes Fett          0g
  •   -Trans Fat / Transfett                             0g
  •   Sodium / Natrium                             0mg
  •   Salz                                                     0gm

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