Anil Roasted Short Vermicelli 450g

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Anil Rice Vermicelli 500gm

Vermicelli or Sewiyaan, Sewiayaan or  Semiya 

Anil Rice Vermicelli is produced from the 100% finest quality Indian rice, making it a healthy dietary addition. Its long and delicate strands make for a light and fluffy texture once cooked. Great for all kinds of dishes, Anil Rice Vermicelli is an ideal choice for those seeking a nutritious meal.

Nutrition Information / Nährwerte (pro 50g) Ca - 180kcal

  •   Energy / Energie                             753 kj
  •  Protein / Eiweiß                               4g
  •  Carbohydrate / Kohlenhydrate      41g
  • - Sugar / Zucker                                 0 g
  • Total Fat / Gesamt Fett                    0g
  •  -Saturated Fat / Gesättigtes Fett       0g
  •   -Trans Fat / Transfett                           0g  
  •   Sodium / Natrium                            55mg
  •   Salz                                                   -g 

Zutaten: Reis und jodiertes Salz

Origin: Top Anil Marketing Company

A-11/1, L.G.B Compound, 3rd Street, Mengles Rd, Dindigul, 624001, India