Support Ukraine Migrants

Support Ukraine Migrants is a campaign collaborated with Group Berlin Indiawaale.

We, IndianSupermarkt-One Stop Online Shop , would be a bridge between the keen people, who wants to support Ukraine Migrants, and the Group - Berlin Indiawaale, who is busy with continuous efforts to provide them shelter, food, clothes and much more arrangements to make them settle. 

Who are Berlin Indiawaale ?

Its a Social Cultrual Group which also supports " Wir Packens an" . Check the link :

How does the Campaign- "Support Ukraine Migrants" work?

  • Step 1 - Customer can order Food items like Rice, Lentils (preferably Brown, Red lentil, Mung dal etc) , salt , spices etc from our website
  • Step 2 -Use Code - " SupportUkraineMigrants " for NO delivery charges with No min. order value.
  • Step 3 - Mention Campaign Name - " Support Ukraine Migrants" in Address field - Company (optional) or in Notes.
  • Step 4 - All the Orders for this campaign are compiled and packed by IndianSupermarkt-One Stop Online Shop. It is then deliver to Berlin Indiawaale Group. The Group would then take the food items to Ukraine Migrants in a complete managable way. 

How does IndianSupermarkt-One Stop Online Shop pack/compile all the Orders?

  • We, IndianSupermarkt-One Stop Online Shop compiles/pack all the Orders received for this campaign together.
  • The Order delivery is initiated every week.

How does yours orders reaches to correct destination?

  • When the Karton is packed, a list of customers is pasted on karton by us and deliver to Berlin Indiawaale Group.
  • The Berlin Indiawaale Group, would then deliver the Parcel to camps where Ukraine Migrants are residing. 

How does a Customer be informed about his/her support reaches to correct destination?

  • As the Karton is delivered to Group Berlin Indiawaale, a photo of karton with the Customer Name list is clicked and the same would be shared to all the customers.

What is the minimum Order value to support?

  • No minimum Order value for your support. A single Order can be of 1€ or more also, there will be no delivery charges on orders for this campaign.


  1. Orders generated using the Code - Support Ukraine Maigrants can not de deliver to any other address. 
  2. In case, Order is generated for personal purpose, IndianSupermarkt-One Stop Online Shop holds complete authority to change the products as per campaign requirement. No refund or exchange would be made in this regard.
  3. Seperate Order should be place to Support Ukraine Migrants.
  4. Consider the basic food items for Ukraine people. For e.g. Pulses or Lentils , Rice , Black pepper, Salt, boiled or canned chickpeas, red kidney beans, black eye bean, spinach, biscuits , rusks etc..

It is all about holding each other's hands and support Hamanity! Together we can!