Laziza Kulfa Khoya Mix Pista

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Laziza Kulfi -  The delicious Khoya Kulfi is here at your door step. In just 3 simple steps make yummy Kulfi at home and enjoy with family.

Ingredients / Material reqd.  Laziza Khoya Kulfi Mix, Milk, Butter or Margarine and few Bread Slices.

Step 1

Bring about 1 Liter Milk to boil and add whole contents of Laziza Kulfi Mix, Butter or Margarine about 50 gms or 3 tablespoons in milk and keep on stirring continuously  for about 30 sec to 1min.  Cook on medium fire for about 20-22 min. while stirring with intervals.

Step 2

Now allow to cool, add 1-2 Bread slices (prefer white bread) in small pieces and mix in Blender for about 30 sec to 1 min. (you can also use Electric or Hand Blender).

Step 3

Now pour it in Kulfi-Formmould and freeze. Kulfi is ready to serve and enjoy.

You can also enjoy Kulfi Mix with Falooda as Kulfi-Falooda.